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Birth of Prince Wladyslaw.


Younger son but political heir to his father, and artistic heir to his Grandmother Izabela. Marries Maria Amparo Countess of Vista Alegre, daughter of Queen Cristina of Spain, by morganatic relation to the Duke of Riancares. The couple becomes friends with Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenia de Montijo, due to Spanish origin of both Ladies.


Uprising against Russia collapses. Prince Wladyslaw changes his interest from political to collecting.


Exposition des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. The Czartoryski Collection exhibited in the "Polish Room"


French defeat in the Franco-Prussian War.


Street fighting in Paris between 'The Communards" and the French Army. Prince Wladyslaw leaves Paris for London, taking few of the most precious pieces and hiding the rest in the cellars of the Hotel Lambert, used now as a Communard stronghold.


Marries his second wife Princess Marguerite Orleans, grandaughter of King Loius-Philippe of France


Returns to Poland. The City of Krakow offers him the Old Arsenal, to which he adds a many of the adjoining buildings.


Work starts at the museum and adjoining buildings, part of which is converted into a residence for Prince Wladyslaw and Princess Marguerite


Prince Wladyslaw opens the museum as it is seen today, donating some objects to the Polish Library in Paris and also other archeological artifacts to the Jagellonian University, (in 1871, he had also donated objects to the Polish Museum in Rappeswil, Switzerland). At the same time after dividing the family collection with his sister Princess Izabela he keeps on adding new acquisitions to newly created Czartoryski Museum in Krakow. At the "Grande Exposition Universelle" many objects are exhibited along with "The Famous Polonaise Carpet"


Dies in Paris, and is buried at the Sieniawa Family crypt.

Prince Auguste is beatified at the Vatican by his Holiness Pope John Paul II

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