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Prince Adam Jerzy is born.


After the Warsaw insurrection, and the political involvement of his parents, he is taken hostage with his brother Kostanty to St. Petersburg. He falls in love with the Grand Duke Alexander's wife Elizabeta Alekseyevna during his stays and fathers a girl.


Tsar Paul sends Adam Jerzy to Italy as Russian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sardinia. Visits Rome & Florence, corresponds with his mother and buys Leonardo's "Lady with an Ermine" and Raphael's "Portrait of a Young Man" He also starts excavation work at the Roman Forum.


Due to his friendship with Tsar Alexander I he was nominated Minister of Foreign Affairs for nearly Twenty years.


Congress of Vienna sanctions the partition of Poland. Prince Adam Jerzy helps draft the constitution of the New Kingdom of Poland.


Marries Princess Anna Sapieha.


The political climate in Poland deteriorates after ascension of Tsar Alexander's brother Nicolas I.


Warsaw revolution. Prince Adam Jerzy acclaimed as head of the nation. Russian troops march on Warsaw and Pulawy. Prince Adam Jerzy condemned to death. All properties confiscated with the exception of Sieniawa, which was under the Austrian protectorate. Prince Adam Jerzy flees across Europe to Paris, the capital of the only great power sympathetic to Poland. Opens offices in London and Istanbul. Leaves family finances with his wife and mother-in-law, who are both shrewd investors.


Buys Hotel Lambert, as his residence in Paris built in 1642 by Louis le Vau and restores it with Delacroix. The Hotel Lambert is the Court to all Polish Royalists. He also creates many institutions: Polish Library, Historical Society, and Institute for Young Ladies, and the School for Young Men. Only the Library survives to this day. It becomes the greatest center of Polish Life both Political, Cultural, and Social outside Poland. Some of its famous patrons are Chopin, Krasinski, Lamartine, Sand, Balzac, Berlioz, Lizt. Chopin composes "La Polonaise" for the Polish ball held yearly.


Establishes "Adampol" outside Istanbul refuge for Polish deserters from the Russian Army.


Brings to Paris most objects hidden in Poland: Raphael, Leonardo and the Rembrandt walled for over eight years, in the cellars of Sieniawa. Also some important books and manuscripts, and national artifacts, which started Izabela's Museum.


Dies in Paris at the age of 91 years, and is buried in family property crypt in Sieniawa.

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